Commercial, industrial and institutional electrician

We work closely with general contractors. They often choose us because of our professional team that is trained to work with engineers and architects.

We are also trained to offer the latest innovations and to look with you at the possibilities of energy saving (conversion to LED lighting for example) for your company or institution. We can also advise you on how to address any risks or problems related to your existing electrical system and on the possibilities of installing a modern and reliable electrical system. This will allow you to save on energy costs that are often too high.

Furthermore, for companies, businesses and even institutions, our interventions very often make it possible to avoid production interruptions or equipment breakdowns. Whether it is for warehouse lighting, generators, emergency systems, office renovations or new constructions such as daycare centers, stores, restaurants or others, we have the latest equipment allowing us to accomplish all sorts of electrical work.

Don’t hesitate and call CM Électrique for your electrical problems or your business projects.


24hrs Electrical repair service

Emergency services can take many forms; a repair following an overheating of the electrical circuit, a problem with your hot water system (water-heater, radiator), a drop in heating during the cold winter days or a decrease in air conditioning in the summer during a heat wave, a loss of power due to an electrical breakdown, etc.

There are several reasons to be in an emergency situation or to have an electrical outage with regards to electrical circuits or appliances. Call us or write us without hesitation if you have any questions. We will quickly find the best solution for your situation.

After a diagnosis, we will give you a quick and free estimate. If necessary, we will quickly repair, replace defective equipment and restore obsolete installations.

ecause you are never safe from an electrical failure, CM Électrique makes it its duty to be available at all times for you, in the Greater Montreal area.


Electrical conversion – Heating system – LED lighting

The installation techniques, the chosen materials (electric thermostats, LED lamps, etc.) and the quality of the work allow to improve the electricity consumption. Our work guarantees low electricity costs in the long term while greatly reducing the risk of an emergency intervention.

In addition to private owners, many professionals, such as retailers, offices, shopping malls or factories use our services to convert and improve their electrical systems. For a long time, oil heating was the best system to heat buildings in Quebec. However, today we can say goodbye to the energy consuming and polluting systems which is actually an old fashion type of heating system.

The incalculable increase in the price of oil and the effects on the environment make oil heating a much less judicious choice than in the past. Electric heating is now an eco-responsible and a financially advantageous alternative.

Regardless of the type of building, we can convert your old heating system to a cleaner and more cost-effective heating system. Finally, doing business with CM Électrique for a conversion of your electrical system (heating or lighting), is not only a good choice for aesthetics, comfort or your wallet, it is also a good choice for the safety of your building.


Electrical inspection and repair after a loss

After a flood, contact us quickly before touching anything. Stay upstairs, we recommend that you do not go to the basement as this could be life threatening. All parts of the electrical system and appliances that were affected by water during the flood cannot be turned back on until they have been inspected by a master electrician.

Electrical appliances and wires damaged by water can be a source of danger. As soon as we arrive, we will do some verifications to ensure that all materials are in good working order and that they do not endanger the safety of the building.

Water may contain contaminants of any kind that may have damaged the electrical components. If these are defective or unsafe, they must be replaced to avoid the risk of fire.

As an electrical contractor, we have legal obligations to respect. In the event of a fire, the fire department will contact Hydro-Québec to shut off the power of your entire building (and even the ones next door).

Contact us once the premises are safe. With all types of losses, we are the only ones authorized to inspect your entire electrical installation, repair it and turn it back on.

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